Dance With Spirit

Dance the spirit, M. Mair, original art, pencil

Dance the Spirit, Margaret Mair, original art

Dance the spirit in,
Dance the spirit out,
Close your eyes
Let the music rise
From the rhythm
Moving deep inside
Blood and bone,
Heart and soul.
Feel your heart
Beat for freedom,
Freedom taken,
Freedom given,
Freedom woven
Through new lives;
Dance with meaning
Stepping hidden
Through the ages
Old to younger;
Dance and twist
Memories writhing
Through your gut,
Times and places
And many beings
Alive inside you;
Pound the familiar
Old time rhythms
Reborn in you
And you in them;
Dance and let go
Sadness flying
From your hands
Shame ground under
Your stamping feet
Swaying, moving
Away, away.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

2 responses to “Dance With Spirit

  1. The poem and painting make me smile. Thanks, Margaret!

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