Is That You?

Are you there?, M. Mair, original art

Are You There?, Margaret Mair, original art

Is that you?
Are you there?
Hiding from me,
Slipping just
Out of sight
As if that would mean
You were out
Of my mind?
I see your shadow
In the dappling
Of the leaves,
In the swaying
Of the trees,
In the glinting
Of the water;
Hear your voice
In the rustling
Of the grass,
In the whisper
Of the wind,
In the chatter
Of the birds.
Is that you?
Sliding away
Through silky air?
I feel your touch
In the caress
Of the breeze,
In the brush
Of the leaves,
In the stroke
Of the grass
Under my feet;
I dream you there
With eyes closed
And wishful heart
And wistful prayer.
Is that you?
Please be there.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

4 responses to “Is That You?

  1. Beautifully wistful and moving Margaret.

  2. A wonderful, reflective poem. Hope all is well with you, Margaret. Love and hugs. ⚘ ☀️

    • Thank you, Iris. Love and hugs are always gratefully received. Perhaps there was some foreshadowing here, but the sadness is not wholly mine and so not mine to reveal, at least not yet.

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