Hope, Wishes, Dreams – A Star To Dream On

Hopes, wishes, dreams – these are what carry us forward, into the New Year and beyond.

A Star to Dream On, original work by M. Mair

May the coming year be kind to you, and to us all!


Original work by Margaret Mair

8 responses to “Hope, Wishes, Dreams – A Star To Dream On

  1. May the 2021 be nice nice and kind to you Margaret!
    Safe, healthy and happy New Year! Definitely better than the one we just had.

  2. To you and Richard too, dear Margaret. Your trees are a wonderful symbol of hope.

  3. Wishing you all of those things for the year to come Margaret.

  4. Love the glowing trees and star surrounded by night, Margaret, and the hopeful eloquence of your poetic prayer for peace and enlightenment. đź’ś

    • Thank you, Carol. That picture is one of my favorites; I keep it on the wall of our boat cabin. It cheers me.

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