Poem In Black Lives Matter, Ed. By Ambrose Musiyiwa

My poem Only Black in Summer is part of the new anthology Black Lives Matter, Poems for a New World, edited by Ambrose Musiyiwa. It is one of 107 poems chosen from those submitted by writers around the world, poems that reflect how people across the globe are responding to and rallying against racism.

A cup of coffee and a good read… Photo by M. Mair

This review in The Manchester Book Review describes it well.

“This book is a snapshot of a moment in time. It is not just a freeze-frame of the horrific scenes broadcast from America – the George Floyd murder, the MAGA violence – but of a year of pandemic misery and global malaise…

When things are bad, those who usually get the harsh end of things get the worst. This anthology also takes in the longer history of black struggle too, and although aptly published in Leicester – one of the most culturally diverse cities in Britain – that perspective is global.”

I’m very proud to be part of it, and I hope you’ll read and enjoy the rich diversity of voices and perspectives the anthology brings to its readers.

The anthology is available through Amazon. The links below are for North America, but you can search for it wherever you are.

Written by Margaret Mair

13 responses to “Poem In Black Lives Matter, Ed. By Ambrose Musiyiwa

  1. So excited about this! Well done!

  2. I cannot express how delighted I am or how worthy I consider your poem of getting a wider readership. Congrats! Now to place my order!

  3. Congratulations Margaret, a great achievement!

  4. I have to say the book arrived and I LOVE it! What an amazing contribution to the world.

  5. I really want to order this! Is there anywhere other than Amazon I can buy it?

  6. Dear Margaret,
    thanks for sharing.
    All the best
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. Congratulations! That is awesome. what an accomplishment

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