Links: Artists and Art Groups

Artists and Art Groups


Robert Genn: A thoughtful artist who shares ideas and insights and encourages communication between artists. You can find him at:

Robert Genn on Facebook; Robert Genn’s Painters’ Keys.


Robert Bateman, is an artist, environmentalist and educator, the creator of powerful images and author of the “Get To Know Program”, designed to bring children and the outdoor world together.


Cesar Manrique, whose work I first saw in his home island of Lanzarote, is described on the web site devoted to him as: “a painter, sculptor, architect, ecologist, monument preserver, construction advisor, planner of urban developments, outliner of landscapes and gardens.” Indeed, we saw and enjoyed evidence of his energy, vision and talent almost everywhere we traveled on the island.



Silver Wind Studio shows off my friend Linda Pauer’s paintings as well as links to Peter Pauer’s evocative photographs and blog on PauerStock.


Steve McCurry is a photographer whose work I am enthralled by.  His photography is art – it captures and expresses thoughts and ideas about the human condition, as well as sharing moments of intense beauty.


Janet Echelman is an artist who works with fibre, creating and shaping evocative forms from nets that are blown by and change in the wind.


Anish Kapoor is an artist whose work challenges the viewer’s perceptions of his work and the world around him.


Albert Huie was a Jamaican painter who brought to his work a love of and passion for Jamaica and her people.  This website, when last checked, was a work – well along – in process.

*** is a website which showcases the work of Jamaican artist Laura Facey, including her powerful sculptures, work born of passion and vision.  Be sure to click on the pictures to see more details of her work – the details add so much to their impact.


Robert Davidson is of Haida descent, from the NW coast of BC, Canada, a carver, printmaker, painter and jeweler whose personal interpretations of traditional themes are presented with a sense of beauty, joy  – and humour.


Gillie and Marc Schattner are Australians artists whose website I love to visit; their work is exuberant, interesting and challenges some of our everyday assumptions with wit and humour.


Art Groups

Arts and Healing Network:
An interesting group, best described by themselves: “an international resource for anyone interested in the healing potential of art, especially environmentalists, social activists, artists, art professionals, health care practitioners, and those challenged by illness.”


Society of York Region Artists
An artists’ group for those living in York Region, Ontario, Canada. I was fortunate to come across the group while I lived in the area; I found friendship and support among the artists in the group and learned a great deal from all the activities as I started out down the road to being an artist.


Ross Creek Centre for the Arts
An organization that is best described using its own words: “The Ross Creek Centre for the Arts is a research and development centre for the arts in rural Nova Scotia. Through our programs and facilities we offer professional artists a chance to develop their work in a colony retreat, we bring together the community and professional artists through both adult and youth programs and we work with Aboriginal communities and artists to create new opportunities for learning about and through the arts and culture of Canada’s First Peoples. It is a magical place where creativity and wonder are ever present.”



2 responses to “Links: Artists and Art Groups

  1. hi margaret
    i’m having a blast just pinging around here. i was instantly sucked into robert genn’s website. so much provocative material in a few short paragraphs! plus i followed another link to some paintings of a Bear and a Crane (or swan?) that were fabulous.
    i’m not being systematic in my exploration of your new space and that feels lovely.
    warm embrace,

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