Spark9, Aug/Sept 2010

I enjoyed participating in Spark9.  Spark is a quarterly, internet-based event where artists and writers come together in pairs or teams, and someone else’s work becomes the spark for your own.  You can see the results by clicking here to go to the Spark website.

If you want to see the work that Alisa Bliss, my partner for this round, and I created together:


Happened October 25th, 2009, in Toronto

We Are Islands – Islands of Hope


October 25th, 2009, 5 – 11 p.m., at Libra Lounge, 391 King Street West, Toronto.

An event at which I’m looking forward to seeing my friends and fans, and sharing good music, wine and cheese, a little laughter, some stories, and some of my recent work.


Hoping you’ll also be able to help me raise money to support Pueblito‘s work with FUNARTE in Nicaragua. It’s all about helping poor children get the education they need to lift them out of poverty – using art techniques in innovative ways. Which is why it’s close to my heart.

  • Paintings and prints for sale.
  • 1/3 of sales to be donated to Pueblito/FUNARTE
  • Voluntary donation at the door.

More about Nicaragua, Pueblito and FUNARTE on this page. You’ll see why I want to help…

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