Feet on Ground

By the water, M. Mair, original art

By the Water, Margaret Mair, original art

Love the ground
That lingers quietly
Under your planted feet,
That infinitesimally small portion
Of the cloudy blue ball
We myopically call earth.
Can we truly see
What it is,
This rotating orb circumscribed
By restless, rushing water;
Water that rises softly
Into swirling clouds,
Blesses the hills with quiet mists
And rains down upon us
In our own little portion
As we pray to be granted
Only what we need,
Because death peers at us
Through the flood’s grey curtains
And around the drought’s broken edges,
We here living
Dependent beyond our knowing
And knowing almost nothing
Of these rising waters
We depend upon.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture original art by Margaret Mair

7 responses to “Feet on Ground

  1. Such lovely and profound reflections about connections, Margaret. ❤

  2. How little we comprehend how utterly dependent we are. Thank you again dear Margaret.

  3. Gosh, Margaret. Your poetry and paintings are so lovely, I’ve run out of words!

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