A Delicate Dance

Green Dancer, M. Mair, original art

Green Dancer, Margaret Mair, original art

Life is a delicate dance;
A turn and a
Leap and a
Low slide from here
To there,
A high kicking
Slash in the air,
A twitchy hippy
Sassy walk,
A proud carriage,
A head half-turned
Looking forward
Glancing back
Over a dipped shoulder.

A delicate dance
For a delicate dancer,
So small
So strong,
Every movement
Powered by
A sleekness of
Muscle and bone,
Fed by
An interweaving of
Blood and nerves,
Held by
A thin layer of
Supple skin –
The whole
So strong
So long
As all remains

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

9 responses to “A Delicate Dance

  1. Lovely… vivid poem! Nice painting, Margaret.

  2. I love dancing and I love your poetry and pictures.

  3. You evoke dancing perfectly. So many dancers male and female came to mind as I read. Thank you dear friend.

  4. Yes, indeed. But I never thought of it in this way until now! Beautiful.

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