Once We Used to Play Here

We used to play here, M. Mair, original picture

We used to play here, Margaret Mair, Original art

We used to play
Among the untidy trees,
Run through
Shoulder high grasses
Where small birds scattered
Before our noisy
Find sudden pools
Where frogs hopped
And squirrels drank,
Climb tall trees
With laddered branches
That grew sturdier
Closer to the ground.
We used to sit
On shadowed rocks,
Crouch hidden
In the belly
Of bushes,
Eat wild raspberries
Till our bellies
Felt full,
Lie on our back
In a sea of green
In the wildness
Of the meadow.

Then, the sky
Touched the treetops
And the clouds
Ran through
Shaping pictures
That filled our
Come summer
We arrived with
The early sun
And left with
The blooming
Of twilight
To fill our
Empty bellies
Inside the
Straight-edged walls
Of home.

That was before
You trimmed
And cut
And tidied
And moved
And pushed
And pulled
And piled
And planted
And mowed
Into your semblance
Of nature’s wild beauty,
Before we were
Forced to grieve
For a wild world
We could
No longer share.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair


6 responses to “Once We Used to Play Here

  1. A lovely tumble of playfulness. Very creative, Margaret.

  2. Your portrait and poetry bring lovely nostalgic childhood memories of such a place, now long gone to make room for houses and concrete.

  3. Lovely poem and art! đź‘Śđź’•

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