On the rocks, M. Mair, original art, pencil

On the rocks, Margaret Mair, original art

A tumble of rocks
Blasted by stormy winds
Smoothed by every
Foaming wave
That rose and fell
With tide and storm
Lies tranquil now
Strong and immovable
Overlooking that calm

A rock-hard man
Blasted by the
Winds of time,
Smoothed by an
Endless tumbling
Wave of events
That tossed him
This way and that
Until he sees
What we see:
That he is only
Essence now,
All that’s not
Chiseled away.

Standing atop
That tumble of rocks
What may be hidden
Beneath the
Quiet blue surface
So far below,
Surface is a
All is never
As it seems.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

4 responses to “Rocks

  1. A tremendous tumble of words too, which echoed the poem.

  2. Beautiful imagery, Margaret. A powerful way to describe the unveiling of integrity and wisdom by the tides of time.

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