Spring Hopes

Because maybe, just maybe, spring has come…

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Spring opening, M. Mair, original art Spring Opening, Margaret Mair, original art

Spring hopes eternally,
Buds yearning to open
Into the unreliable warmth
Of lengthening March days,
Earth drinking in rain
To green those brown grasses
Dressing her so coarsely,
Trees calling sap from their roots
To paint their bare branches
With new spring-green leaves,
Small leaves unfurling
Suddenly into the light
Through the softening soil.
Through cold and snow
And long, dark nights,
Through lashing rain
And scouring winds
And soaking thaw
They hold their dreams
Tight wrapped inside
Till the day comes
When birds rejoicing
In the warm touch
Of a rising sun
Sing them gloriously
Out of hiding.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

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