Slip Away…

Slip away, M. Mair, original art

Slip Away, Margaret Mair, original art

Should you wish
To slip away
Do so
On a gentle day
When the wind will
Sigh through your sails
And the water chuckle
Gently past your hull.
Best then to
Take the chance,
Loose your ropes,
Raise your anchor,
Slide soft away
Toward some near horizon,
See what may
Lie just beyond
The vision of
Shore-bound eyes
Dazzled by sun
Sparking light
Off dimpled water.
What places,
What spaces,
What new
Will you find
Live there?
What will you
Come closer to,
What leave behind?
You will only know
If you shake off
The bonds of here
And go.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair


4 responses to “Slip Away…

  1. The lightness of not being held fast by – what? When a whim can send us on our way. Your picture and poem unite in the lightness of possibility.

    • The lightness of possibility – something we all need to make space for in our lives, I think. Thank you for the phrase, Sarah.

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