Mothers and Daughters

Thinking of our beloved daughters on this Mother’s Day, with gratitude for all they have become and are becoming. Blog

Mother and Daughter, Margaret Mair, Original art Mother and Daughter, Margaret Mair, Original art

Over time we spin
The tangle of our lives
And loves and ideas and hopes
Into threads of every colour,
Some bright as sunlight,
Others dark as death,
Threads that weave
Through our mother
And daughter lives
Creating a gently enveloping
Rainbow-hued fabric
Of comfort and care.
We weave its beauty
Together through
Those uneasy times
When threads wear thin and break
And strange holes appear
That must be carefully rewoven
To keep the fabric strong,
Through those growing times,
Creative times when
We re-invent our selves
And new colours must be
Worked into the pattern.
We weave knowing
That so long as
We keep weaving threads of
Words and thoughts and memories
This flowing, growing fabric
Of interwoven lives
Will stay strong,
Loving and lovely.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

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4 responses to “Mothers and Daughters

  1. A lovely, tender image Margaret, accompanied by lovely words.

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