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Difficult Thoughts and Gentle Meditations

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Difficult things may be more easily read. The words on the page create a space between the reader and the writer that helps make ugliness or sadness if not more tolerable then easier to turn away from. But images can linger in the mind, and call the person seeing them back to look again even when the looking is uncomfortable. Continue reading

Where Art and Science Meet.

Art and science are normally thought of as being very separate entities.  Yet there are many areas in which art and science come together, and visualization is one of them.  This past week I came across two separate things that showed how important visualization can be – from understanding our hominid ancestors to seeing sound.

In an article on Wired Science, Brandon Keim writes about the 3D renderings of  hominids created by paleoartist Viktor Deak, with pictures of the very lifelike creatures he creates and a little bit about the way he uses computers and animation to help him.

On TEDtalks Evan Grant demonstrates cynatics, a process for making sound waves visible in patterns that seem to be already present in nature, and in work much older than our own era.  It is interesting the think about where and how these sound created patterns already entered our consciousness, and the way they might have been created.