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No Mother, Nature

She is no mother,
She does what she will… Continue reading


Only Words

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…This natural wealth
We arrogantly call our own,
Proclaiming it to be
Entrusted to our omniscient care,
Though we do not care
To truly understand… Continue reading


Feet on Ground

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Love the ground
That lingers quietly
Under your planted feet… Continue reading


What is Passed On

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When mountains crumble
And hills tumble
And cliffs fall into the sea… Continue reading



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…How firm the path
By the narrowing strip
Where silky shifting earth
Has been washed away… Continue reading

The Month of Love?

Margaret Mair, World in our Hands, Christmas 2011, Original Art

Margaret Mair, World in our Hands, Original Art

February, I’ve read, is the month of love. A wonderful idea, warm and comforting to think about. But what kind of love, and how should we celebrate it?

Thinking of love we think of people first, of lovers and family and friends. And so we should. But what about love for the world we live in?

This earth sustains us, feeds us, gives us the water that we drink and the air we breathe. And it’s state affects us all.

Which means they are woven together, these loves. We want those we love to live in a world that is good, that they can enjoy, that sustains them. And in loving the earth we find ways to create that kind of world for them. And for those who will follow us all.

It is so strong and yet so fragile, this world. Seen from space, as the astronauts see it, it is a small blue marble whirling through the immensity of space, carrying us and all that makes life possible for us.

Down here we each see a much smaller view, circumscribed by our own horizons. We live in a smaller world within the greater, and act as our lives within that world suggest we should. When we think of the world we love, we think of the world we know.

And so our actions often seem insignificant to us.  After all we are each only one, and what effect can one person have? Yet there are so many of us that, paradoxically, it becomes more and more important what each one of us does. For the sum of our actions has a greater and greater effect.

So as you think about love I hope you will think about loving the world we share, and honoring it with thoughtfulness.  For the love of those you care about.