For These Days – Spring Thaw in the Marsh

Spring thaw in the marsh, M. Mair  original art
Spring Thaw in the Marsh, Margaret Mair, Original Art

The trees are thirsty
But not for this.
As winter ends
Warming snow melts
Into floods of water,
Submerging roots,
Encircling trunks.
A small wind
Kisses the water’s
Misted sunrise surface
Into rainbow ripples
Running lightly over
Drowned green grass.
Trees and soil
Tremble on the edge
Of Spring growth
Waiting for days
Of sun and warmth
To give them
Dry, breathing soil,
Lusting for
Nature’s invitation
To bud and blossom,
To leaf and branch out
Into warm Summer’s
Greener splendor.
And we
Dreaming of a world
Cocooned in their
Deep green love
Wait with them.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

4 responses to “For These Days – Spring Thaw in the Marsh

  1. A lovely poem Margaret. Very much the slow spring thaw in the north that slowly gets absorbed as the earth defrosts.

    • Margaret Mair

      Thanks, Sarah. We used to watch the thaw on the marsh as we drove through it, seeing the way the water lay until the ground underneath had thawed deep enough for it to be absorbed. A tenuous time.

  2. Both the painting and the poem have a lovely mystical quality about them Margaret – the flood may not have been the best for the trees but in your hands, it sounds like a wonderful pause.

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