Fall Apart, Come Together

Fall Apart, Come Together, Margaret Mair, original art.

You cannot come together
Until you fall apart
Cannot see the light
Until you have been
Blinded by the dark
Each color shines clearest
When placed beside
Its opposite
And joy is more fully felt
When it comes after
Sorrow lifts.
We value company more
When we have stayed
Too long alone
And long for solitude
When the crowd around us
We long most for home
When we have
Traveled far,
And long for distant shores
When we are bound
To stay here,
where we are.
So let us not be
By fear
But hold on tight
To what is best
Knowing we will come back
To the light.

Written by Margaret Mair

Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

4 responses to “Fall Apart, Come Together

  1. Love the optimism of this! Thank you, Margaret.

  2. So true Margaret, we need a little of everything to appreciate the other side of things.

    • And life seems content to hand us that everything, doesn’t it? Sometimes by turns and sometimes all at the same time…

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