For These Days – Someone Somewhere

Between Sea and Sky, Margaret Mair, Original Art

Someone somewhere
Sits dreaming
Between rocky earth
And boundless sky.
Someone somewhere
Has more,
Someone somewhere
Has less;
Someone somewhere
Dreams of having
What someone else
Somewhere else
Their life so easy,
Their sleep so peaceful,
Their families so close,
Their tables full
And overflowing
With food
And love
And joy
And dreams.
Someone somewhere
Gives thanks,
Someone somewhere
Gives love,
Someone somewhere
Gives joy,
Someone somewhere
Gives hope.
Someone somewhere
Sits dreaming
Of a whole world
Giving And grateful.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

2 responses to “For These Days – Someone Somewhere

  1. A beautifully vivid painting Margaret, with wise words about the ways in which actually we are all the same.

    • I am glad you found them beautiful and wise, Andrea. In our travels I’ve found that we are more the same than different, no matter where, and that is more true than ever now.

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