For These Days

We are stronger together,
Our dreams entangled,
Our hopes entwined.
We are stronger together,
Guarding our selves
Guarding each other.
Sun may bless us
And blue skies cover us
Resting here easy on
A quiet ocean bed.
But there are dark clouds
In the misty distance
And trouble will come;
Let us take this vow
So that when
Days grow hard
The winds of fate howl
Like angry wolves
At the gate
The sea grows rough
Mountainous waves tumbling
In cascades of foam
Across each other,
When the sun hides
Behind a grey turmoil
Of clouds,
We will
Protect each other
From the onslaught,
Will hold on to each other
Strong and stronger,
Surviving the storm

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

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