Only Words

World Away, M. Mair, original art

World Away, Margaret Mair, Original art.

Full of honeyed words
And flowered promises
We are yet poor stewards
If good stewards we
Really mean to be
Of this natural richness
That sweetly birthed us,
That cradles and encircles us,
That nourishes and shelters us;
This natural wealth
We arrogantly call our own,
Proclaiming it to be
Entrusted to our omniscient care,
Though we do not care
To truly understand
How we might balance
Our transient needs against
Nature’s long-held order
Or her complex being
Against our simplistic wants.
We think instead
To bend her to our foolish will
And in such arrogant striving
Find our own will bent and twisted
Turning inward upon itself
Until it becomes
A dark and cursed stubbornness
That in the end
Will defeat we imprudent beings
As surely as anything
Ever could.
For nature did not make us
Capable of living
By ourselves
In barren lands

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

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