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Exhibition, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Exhibition in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, December 2018

I am, very happily, inviting everyone in the area to stop past the Agincourt Library in Scarborough this December to see some of the pictures and poems you first saw here. There each mutually-inspired pair is being presented as one piece, printed on museum-grade Baryta paper and framed.

To find them walk past the information desk close to the entrance and turn right after you pass the wall on your right. You’ll see my work hanging in the space set aside for presenting visual art.

Everything you’ll see is for sale. Please contact me through here, by email or on Facebook if you would love to have one of the pieces to grace your walls. Or if you think someone you love would appreciate one.

And after you’ve visited it would make me very happy if you came back and shared your thoughts in the comments here. Other comments are welcome too!


Contact me here:

4 responses to “Sharing Some News

  1. Congratulations Margaret, I hope the exhibition goes very well.

  2. Hooray! Congrats, Margaret! Well merited.

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