River of tears, blood, darkness, M. Mair, original art

River of tears, river of blood, river of darkness, Margaret Mair, original art

Here flows the
River of Tears
Cried by all
The lost and lonely,
The sad and angry,
The dispossessed,
The war-torn,
The rejected;
Their pain
Flowing into the
River of Blood
Shed by all
The hurt and hunted,
The stalked and battered,
The wounded,
The tortured,
The raped;
Finally, hopelessly
Tumbling into the
River of Darkness
Carrying away
The lost and stolen,
The discouraged and broken,
The hopeless,
The demeaned,
The dehumanized,
The hated;
And there they go
Falling, falling over
The sharp rocky lip
Of wilful ignorance
Into the still pool
Of lost and forgotten

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

5 responses to “Rivers…

  1. Margaret, this poem and picture, and the last one as well, pierced my heart. It’s painful to live in time when there is so little empathy. Sometimes I wonder if that causes some of us to enter a hyper-vigilant state of empathy, as though something deep inside wants to compensate for the nonchalant cruelty so common in the world around us. Once again, thank you SO much for putting into words and art what my feelings just can’t articulate. xox

    • For me, painful times bring painful thoughts that search for expression, a need to speak in a way that people may listen to. I am just pleased when what is in my heart and mind touches others. Thank you so much, Mer, for sharing your own thoughts with me.

  2. There is a great sadness in this poem – as there should be for those lost and forgotten.

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