Hot Wind Blowing

Hot wind blowing, M. Mair, original art

Hot Wind Blowing, Margaret Mair, original art

There’s a hot wind blowing
Through the streets tonight
Fanning the flames
Of violence;
Voices boiling
Bodies convulsing
Feelings bubbling
Hot and strong.
Anger blows figures
Into dark alleys
Where fists
And bullets
And pride
Fly furious
And unthinking.
And the smiling devil
Whose simple words
Promised an answer
To every problem
You thought you had
And more
You never knew
Until he spoke them
And stirs the pot
Into boiling hatred
Sprinkled with
A heaping helping
Of destructive division
Flavored with
A strategic touch
Of amoral brutality;
Till like the lobster
In the warming pot
We do not notice
As our humanity
Simmers and dies.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair


8 responses to “Hot Wind Blowing

  1. Powerful and full of hot, visceral imagery Margaret.

  2. What a strong piece. Well articulated and powerful. Thank you Margaret.

  3. This. Yes. thank you for making pictures and word pictures to express what is deep inside me. xox

  4. So artfully crafted, Margaret, and sadly all too true.

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