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Sunrise, M. Mair, original painting Sunrise, Margaret Mair, original art

Let the sunrise colours
Woven through the clouds
Fall softly down and settle
Like a warm scarf
Around your tired shoulders
And dawn’s light fall gently
On your hopeful face;
Let the sun find you
Dreaming of pleasures
That may come on a day
When that last dark night
Black-clouded with fear
Ebbs slowly away.
Let the rising sun’s heat
Wash soft across your legs
To touch and soothe the child
Carried through the darkness
Held snug against your ribs,
Clinging now to your body-warmth.
May the day hold you gently
In the softness of its hope
And the sun guide you surely
To where you find yourself
Contented and free
In the kindness of its light.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

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6 responses to “Sunrise

  1. A lovely, hopeful poem! And my best and wonderful wishes to you, Margaret. Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. This has prompted several re-readings and each time compassion breathes through your words,illuminating the picture and so much more besides. I wish these words would bless every refugee that comes to our country.

  3. Wow. This poem reads like a blessing. How hopeful and strengthening Margaret and the painting is also impactful.

    • Indeed, though I did not expect they would ever read it, I was thinking of the women who were and would be in the shelter in support of which the painting was donated.

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