I Will Not Say Goodbye…

When a star passes, M. Mair, original art

When a Star Passes, Margaret Mair, original art.

I will not say
Goodbye, sweet friend.
Though you are
No longer
Beside us
You still live
Inside us,
Smiling from
The corners
Of our hearts,
Sparkling in
The shadows
Of our minds,
In the places
We have been
And the wonders
We have seen,
In the sweet chords
Of the music
We have shared.

Though death
Is a corner
We all must turn,
Creeping upon us
Or found suddenly
At the edges
Of the map
Of our lives,
It is only
When we glimpse
That turning
That we wrap ourselves
In the comforting hope
That we too, gone,
Will live on
In those we loved
And those who
Loved us
As you do now.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

6 responses to “I Will Not Say Goodbye…

  1. Shooting starts entering each others’ territory for so brief a time. A lovely farewell.

  2. Oh, Margaret. This is moving and beautiful. Our friend Valerie lost her dear husband and I’d like to send her this post. Is that okay?

    • She already has this post, I think. I wrote it for Jim.

      • I wondered about that, but thought I’d ask. I hired Jim at the CBC to train a new breed of video journalists, but though I was the boss, I learned a lot from him. A gentle, brilliant man, to whom people gravitated and from whom they felt privileged to learn. I was very fond of him.

      • Margaret Mair

        As we learned at his memorial service there were many, many people who were fond of him. He was a very special, gentle and wise soul.

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