These Tears

These Tears, M. Mair, original art

These Tears, Margaret Mair, original art

I do not weep for pain or for grief, no,
These tears lie hard as diamonds on my cheeks
Fire within and ice without,
Freezing out your ignorance
Burning through your arrogance
And cutting apart your lies.
Why weep in front of those who
Will never choose to know
Where real pain lives?
Those who will never care
About the lives of any other?
Why weep when those tears
Will never wipe away injustice,
Will never make us clean
Or make all well again?
These are not those sad tears
Dripping and sliding helpless away,
No, they form unnoticed
Like the sweat that beads
On a striving body,
Leaking from a soul
Working unceasingly to
Find, expose and fill
The holes in which evil lies
Buried, hiding itself in
The minutiae of our daily lives
As a maggot hides in the flesh,
Lurking unseen and hungry
Eating through the rot it finds.
If I weep again
It will not be for you and I
But for the fearful us
We have become.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

8 responses to “These Tears

  1. Powerful, poignant, I can feel the power and the anger in these words.

    • Sometimes I find myself with words that need to be said, and I’m always grateful when they’re heard as I hoped they would be, Andrea.

  2. Beautiful, poignant writing. Your art and poem depict this, Margaret.

  3. Okay — this has to be one of your most powerful. Challenging too.Congrats!

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