What Being?

Detail, Invitation, M. Mair, original painting

Detail from An Invitation, Margaret Mair, original art

Head bent
I stare,
What have I
Found here?
Lying quiet
In my palm;
Almost alive
Almost smiling
Blue as the water looks
Blue as the sky seems
Blue as the light
That hides in ice;
Melting through
My wanting fingers
As insubstantial
As a promise,
As a teasing word
Half heard,
As a barely caught
Sideways glance;
Almost real,
Almost there,
No sooner glimpsed
Than gone.
I wonder
What might be
If you
Decided to

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair


2 responses to “What Being?

  1. Ah…. one of those poems and paintings that make you linger and wonder….

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