Other People’s Stories

Waiting, M. Mair, original painting

Waiting, Margaret Mair, original art

Other people’s stories
Are not ours
And yet they touch
Our lives,
Sometimes gently
Rubbing up the shine,
Sometimes roughly
Grinding away
At our souls.
Other people’s stories
Are so often
Rooted in some
Very different
Place and time
Yet they sound
To our expectant ears
Much the same
As ours.
Other people’s stories
Weave through ours
Enlarging and enriching
And complicating.
Other people’s stories
Say that we
Are not alone
For here be others
Who dream
As we do.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

9 responses to “Other People’s Stories

  1. I like this, Margaret. Painting and poem both are nicely reflective.

  2. Such depth and beauty with the gentle wisdom of the connections that unite us.

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