Falling Trees


The winds of March
Shake old trees to their roots,
Rip roots from shallow ground;
And so despairing trees fall
Branches tearing through
The high skeletal canopy,
Opening a jagged hole
Through which spring sun will flood
Over the supple sapling survivors
Of that crumpling descent.
When the warm sap runs
Young trees will breathe easier
Lifting new branches in praise
Toward an uncovered sky.
Below old trees will still offer
Shelter to the small and fragile
In rotting trunks’ pinholes and cavities
And above and under shaded ground
Until, falling finally to dust,
They return all they became
To the earth from which they grew,
Completing the cycle of their lives
And nourishing those coming after.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

6 responses to “Falling Trees

  1. The cycle of life is so beautifully and poignantly woven throughout your portrait and poetry, Margaret.

    • Thank you, Carol. And you wrote so touchingly about the passing of time, words for which I also thank you.

  2. A lovely tribute to the cycle of life, there is a lot of hope in this poem Margaret.

  3. Brava, Margaret! Lovely. If I could produce such wonderful poems as you do, I would graduate from writing nonsense poetry. But I am probably having too much fun.

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