That Wall

Build that wall, M. Mair, original art

Build That Wall, Margaret Mair, original art

Yes, build that wall
Around you
High and higher
Till it casts its shadow
Deep, dark and wide
Across your world,
Across your eyes.
Hide away inside
Its blind shelter
And pay homage
To the warm sun
Whenever you see it
Pass above you
For those few brief
Achingly bright minutes
That it sheds light
On your view;
Feel the rain drops fall
And splatter around you,
Unforeseen and unexpected,
From a dark, patchy sky;
Glimpse the racing clouds
As they stream
Suddenly past;
Hear the sobbing wind
Rattle and roar and sigh
As it prowls outside;
Wish on the changeable moon
Gliding madly over
In a tangle of stars.
Build that sturdy wall
That makes you safe
Higher and higher still
And leave us our freedom
To roam in peace outside,
Explore, fearless,
Strange and beautiful
Places near and far
That you will never see.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair


8 responses to “That Wall

  1. Margaret, this is such a creative and powerful way to reframe the proposal to build “THE WALL!

  2. What a wonderful response to the prospect of ‘the wall’ Margaret. You make great point in beautiful – and ‘peace-full’ – images. Those last few lines are particularly powerful.

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