Hollowed Out

Hollowed out, M. Mair, original art

Hollowed Out, Margaret Mair, original art

There are those
Who would hollow me out,
Remove heart and blood
And muscle and bone
And love and thought and memory
Then fill my aching emptiness
With the stinking oily balm
Of their siren songs:
Undernotes of fear and rage
Rising to a crescendo
Of overwhelming hatred
That pulses and pounds through me
Though I cover my ears
To shut out the writhing nastiness.
Now the angry flames lick
At all I hold close and dear
Till I squeeze my eyes
Tight and tighter
Against the world they create
And retreat from the darkness
Deep into the safety of my soul.
And I pray: Spirit of love,
Give me strength;
Preserve me and rebuild me,
Make me whole again;
Banish the deceiving sirens
To the depths of their own hell
And give me back my hope
That I may share it
With all the empty,
The hopeless and the hollow,
The banned builders and the sad lovers;
Open my eyes
That I may recognize
The truly wise, the experienced knowing
And the vision-blessed seers
Who, seeing the way forward,
Can lead us well and all together.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

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