Sun Rising

Sun's Light, M. Mair, original art, pencil

Sun’s Light, Margaret Mair, original art

Here is a sunrise
To dream on,
A flaring sun hiding
Coy behind the clouds,
Igniting the water
Into white fire
Bringing light so strong
It blinds our eyes
Till we can barely see
The horizon over which
This new day breaks.
It flares across
The still water
And makes the trees
Dark shadows of
Their yesterday selves;
Shortsighted we forget
They sheltered us
From noontime glare
And blessed our eyes
And soothed our minds
With cool calm green.
Then the sun lifts to light
The path we walk among
Soft whispering leaves
Sheltering small lives
We scarcely notice.
Bird song blesses
Our ignorant ears
And we hope
Without knowing why
Until the sinking sun
Quiets the music
And we wait
For the song’s
And hope’s return
With tomorrow’s sunrise.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

5 responses to “Sun Rising

  1. I hope the great sunrise continues in your area to promote your great art work and great poetry writing.

  2. Beautiful poem, Margaret, with an inspiring message… Lovely serene painting.

  3. Gorgeous Margaret, I love the sun ‘coy behind the clouds’ and the trees ‘dark shadows of their yesterday selves’.

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