Echoes (and SPARKs)

Echoes, M. Mair, original art

Echoes, Margaret Mair, original art

This week I did something a little different. One of my friends (thank you again, Val) introduced me to SPARK some years ago. My participation in the quarterly event has been sporadic, depending on what else is going on in my life, but when I can I enjoy the opportunity to have a conversation with and be SPARKed by someone else’s work. The original exchange is usually just the beginning of the process; sparks continue to fly long afterward.

I’ll let the creator of SPARK, Amy Souza, describe the event for you:

A participatory, inclusive creativity event….
that’s Spark, and we want you to join us!

Open to writers, musicians, and visual artists of all kinds, Spark takes place four times each year.

During each 10-day project round, participants create new work using someone else’s art, writing, or music as inspiration. All resulting work is then displayed online, alongside the piece that inspired it.”

The picture above is my response piece – you can find both inspiration and response on the SPARK website here.

The picture below is a composite of the postcards I sent as part of a postcard exchange this summer, also organized by Amy through SPARK. I received four unique and creative cards in return!

Postcards, M. Mair, original work

Postcards exchanged, Margaret Mair, original work.

Thank you, Amy, for fanning the flames.


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