Out On a Limb

Girl on a limb, M. Mair, original art

Girl on a Limb, Margaret Mair, original art

Young girl
Out on a limb
Do you have faith,
Believe in leaping
Into the future
Fear suspended
Hope embraced,
Diving forward
Poised and smiling
From the edge of
Youth’s narrow ledge?
Will you take off
To fly arrow-straight,
Your trajectory
Clear and blue,
Your body
Gliding and soaring
Over rough thickets?
Will you drop
Into tangled branches,
Into mangled lives,
Dive, flail, climb,
Twist and turn
And find your path
The hard way?
Young girl
I would like
To hold you safe
Above the tangle,
Forever secure
Forever unscarred,
But I cannot
Keep you innocent
By virtue of
Your ignorance.
I can only pray
That life be

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture original art by Margaret Mair

4 responses to “Out On a Limb

  1. Ah! Margaret how this resonates for me right now. Wonderful.

  2. Inese Poga Art plus Life

    We all should pray that life is kind to us. Great post and poem!

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