We Are All Human

We are all human, M. Mair, original art

We are all Human, Margaret Mair, original art

Do not think of us
As an ugly knot
Low on the trunk
Of the tree of life,
Of a riven branch
Rotten and rotting
See us as we are,
Each one unique
If fates are kind
Each one given
Two eyes to see,
Two ears to hear,
One mouth to speak
The hard-lived truth
We wish to share
With you:
We are like you
Are human too
We breathe
And bleed
And live
And work
And hope
And dream
And love –
Our mothers and fathers,
Our brothers and sisters,
Our children young and older,
Our dearest ones –
And are loved.
We live with you
In a woven network
Of lives created and lost,
Of roads to be followed
From here to there;
We will not be
The ones to destroy
What we too have built,
Not the ones who
Kill this family tree
Chopping and toppling
Branches once held
In prayer to the sky.

Written by Margaret Mair
Picture, original art by Margaret Mair

21 responses to “We Are All Human

  1. Nice musing for compassion in these times of conflict. Thanks for being a voice of unity Margaret.

  2. A voice for unity indeed. Thank you.

  3. Wonderful poem reflecting humanity. Great thoughts to ponder on… Thanks for sharing, Margaret.

  4. Powerful, Margaret. Makes me think.

  5. A powerful reminder of our shared humanity and a compelling vision of what we still can create.

    • Or what we must create? I find it painful that we continue to struggle with this.

      • I find it painful as well, Margaret. Still, your words and art raise awareness and touch hearts. It’s up to others, though, to choose their path. Poets and artists help raise awareness about other, kinder, possibilities.

      • Margaret Mair

        And it is indeed a privilege to raise awareness, where and as well as we can.

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