I Am Your Memory

Half-hidden, M. Mair, Original art

Half-Hidden, Margaret Mair, Original art

And now that
You are gone
All that you were
Lives on in us,
And you rise again
When suddenly lit sparks
Spin out of the darkness
Reigniting the memory of
Your life’s bright path
Embers glowing brighter
Light the dim corners
Of fragile memory
Casting dancing flames
Into the shadows
Of long ago.
We, the living,
Tell each other
Stories of love and laughter
And pain and grief,
Of quiet and tumult
And challenge and victory
And acceptance and defeat,
Remembering and sharing
All we have now
Of the then you;
Our voices reach out
To call you back
Needing you once again
To live in our words
Present, here, where we are,
In us, yes,
But also with us.

Written by Margaret Mair
Art, original work by Margaret Mair


2 responses to “I Am Your Memory

  1. Profoundly thought-provoking, Margaret. Beautiful portrait.

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