On the Edge, M. Mair, original watercolor painting

On the Edge, Margaret Mair, original art

Only some
Arrive safely
At such distant shores;
We are the descendants
Of the lucky ones
Who made it through
The raging storms,
Past ranting men
With death in their eyes,
Of those who did not starve
Or fall sick to death
Or perish tumbling in the waves
Reaching hopeful for
The rock-fringed shores
Of a longed-for land;
Who were not imprisoned
Or hated into extinction
Or despised into fearful exile,
Not pushed and pulled
Here to there and back again
Until they perished.
Think a moment.
What of those
Whose lungs filled
With cruel water
Or screamed for
breathable air?
What of those
Whose bodies withered
For lack of food
Or shriveled away
For want of water?
What of those
Cruelly slain on the way?
What of those
Who fell and were left
By the too-long path?
Close your eyes
And remember:
We are the children
Of the children
Of the children
Who survived the journey
And were lucky enough
To find a place
They called their own
And sought to hold safe
For those to come after,
For us and our children,
For them and theirs.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

6 responses to “Reaching

  1. I have a question, Margaret, because your posts are beautiful and I like ALL of them, and your paintings too: how many of each have you produced already? How often do you write and paint? I know I should have asked this before I did that story on you!

    • Margaret Mair

      At this point most of the paintings I am using have been created already and the poems I am working on now. That will change in summer with the long evening light and fewer other calls on my time. And I am very happy to know you like ALL of them!

  2. What a poem Margaret. And the shore hardly looks welcoming for those survivors. Thank you for giving a fresh viewpoint, yet again.

    • Margaret Mair

      Perhaps more wished for than welcoming… Sometimes I just want people to understand things differently.

  3. A poignant poem, Margaret, beautiful piece. Your painting and title is so fitting! Hope you’re keeping well and enjoying the season. Regards, Iris 🙂

    • Margaret Mair

      Thank you, Iris, I’m glad you find them so. And yes, I am enjoying the season, taking a little time to sail and more to develop new work. I hope you are enjoying it too!

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