A Mother’s Dream

Margaret Mair, Come With Me (Mother's Love), Original Art

A mother’s dream
Aching and beautiful
Envisions a world
Touched with kindness,
Blessed with peace,
Where children flourish
And knowledge grows
From compassionate seeds
Fertilized by imagination
And nourished by kindness.
A mother’s work
Hard and unending
Creates and recreates
A world around her
Where children may grow
Hopeful, almost fearless,
Young lives reaching out
To touch other worlds
And other lives.
Each mother’s struggle
Is every mother’s struggle
Through time and across worlds:
To keep hope shining
Through dark times,
Create points of light
That grow stronger
Coming together
In a warm, golden sea,
In a bright, hot sun,
To blaze a new way
To a clearer day.
Bless the mothers
Here and far
May they find strength
In the light of days and
Through nights’ darkness
To renew their efforts
To make the world better
For all the children
Grown so close
To their hearts.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

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