What If Sleeping Giants Woke?

Thoughts revisited on Earth Day.

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What if the mountains
Were the faces
Of long ago giants
Turned now, sleeping,
Toward the blue ceiling
Of the sky;
What if the earth
Were their blanket
And the sea waves
Long ago
Rocked them
Gently to sleep;
What if
They did not wake
To see their faces
Changed with the passing
Of time
When little men came
And carved into
And burrowed through
And terraced and furrowed
Their features,
And grew strange plants
Upon them
In strange ways.
What if they cried
In their sleep,
Rivers and waterfalls
That filled the sea
Beside them,
Sometimes moved abruptly
Tossing and turning
As if to shake
The little creatures off.
What if
They awakened?
Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair


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2 responses to “What If Sleeping Giants Woke?

  1. Oh. so powerful, Margaret.

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