Blue Butterfly, M. Mair, original painting

Blue Butterfly, Margaret Mair, original art

From the corner
Of an eye
We catch a
Sudden glimpse of
Your fleeting beauty
Before your colours
Disappear again
Among the flowers
That feed and
Shelter you.
You speak to us
Of air and wings
And all that’s light;
We do not remember
That you are
Twice born
Of hidden egg
And woven chrysalis
And between
An earthbound caterpillar
Hungry for life
And the coming change.
We just know
You are here
Then gone
In a tiny fraction
Of our time
As we are here
Then gone
In the tiniest sliver
Of earth’s time
As a green-blue planet
Spinning through
The infinite darkness
Of space.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair


2 responses to “Butterfly

  1. Lovely poem… and a nice painting, Margaret.

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