Dance of the Mask

Dance of the Mask, M. Mair, original painting

Dance of the Mask, Margaret Mair, original art

I am the brown body
Dancing barefoot
Alone in the night
On an ill-lit stage
To an African rhythm
That percolated across
Cold deep waters
Moving between
That familiar there
And this lonely here
And stayed hidden
Safely away
In blood and bones
Until the drum called
Hard-skinned feet
That earlier wandered
Hot stony paths
To beat other patterns
On sounding boards
Moving a willing body
To an old rhythm
Closer to the heart,
Speaking to our earth
through soles firm planted
Until she lifts me
On hands of air
To the sky’s wonders
While over my shoulder
The shape of the mask
With eyes of darkness
Hovers and haunts
A wary world.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

6 responses to “Dance of the Mask

  1. Wow, Margaret! Profound.

  2. Wonderful, Margaret. Speaking on many levels right to the heart.

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