Friendship, M. Mair, original painting

Friendship, Margaret Mair, original art

The rising sun’s
Siren glow
Calls us to
Distant adventures
Tempting us along
Shadowed paths
Toward a future
Hidden somewhere
Beyond the crests
Of those looming mountains.
Together we can
Weather the passage
Over high cold passes;
We are stronger
Walking and working,
Wandering and wondering
As partners, living
Each for both
And both for each.
Somewhere past
That distant there
We may find the place
Where the sun
Warms and heals
And good food
Fills hungry bellies
And kind love
Welcomes sad souls
And rosy dreams
Can come true,
If we can only
Reach that place
Over the plains
And beyond the mountains
And across the seas
And far, far away.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

2 responses to “Friends

  1. A powerful poem, Margaret, and a very telling painting. I marvel at your talent.

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