You on the Beach

M. Mair, On the Beach, Nevis

On the Beach, Nevis, Margaret Mair, original art

The long-lensed camera
You pointed at
Anchored boats and
Naked swimmers
Now lies hidden
In your shadow
On the hot white sand.
So what hard picture
Are you staring at
Jaw locked, fist clenched,
Locks falling down
That stiff, angry back
Barely resting against
The old wooden pole?
Waves roll murmuring
In to the curve of
The low white sand beach;
On your other side
A green fringe of
Windswept trees
And tough twisted scrub,
A rough scattering
Of weathered wooden buildings
Where hopeful people
Tender tasty offerings
To such passing visitors
As lift their sun-blind eyes
From the shimmering sand.
Are your eyes hiding
A blaze of anger,
Watching aimless holidayers
Meander blindly between
Hotel, beach and bar
And bobbing alien boats
Disgorge drifting sailors
Into invading dinghies
Dragged up on your shore?
Are you studying the
Strange taxonomy of
These passing creatures?
Or are you struggling
To see and love as
Sisters and brothers
These curious others?

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

2 responses to “You on the Beach

  1. Wow, Margaret. What a powerful poem.

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