There is Healing

Dance It Out, Margaret Mair, original art

Margaret Mair, Dance it out, Oil Pastel

There is healing in the music,
Healing in the dance,
In the drum beating like
A wild hopeful heart
Pounding rhythms of love;
In the poignant melody
Sounding notes of peace
Through a veil of pain;
In the warm harmony weaving
Dense rich colours
Through a sad simple song.
And the body dances
To the music’s call
Stamping, turning, leaping,
Back arched, feet weaving
Rhythmic patterns,
Arms creating joyful shapes,
Head tilted heavenward
As if looking for response.
Still the notes shower down
And the rhythms rise up
And more and more answer
The urgent call
Until everyone is dancing
In the music’s embrace

Written by Margaret Mair
Artwork, original oil pastel by Margaret Mair


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