On Being Reborn

After the events in Paris last night my thoughts circle, my words falter. Too much pain, too much blood – in Paris and in so many places around the world. Here, last night, was just a small taste of what the refugees flee and victims of terrorist all over the world face daily, and yet these events were so great to so many of us.

May all that is best in the human spirit rise above such horrors. My thoughts are with those who have been killed, my heart goes out to all those upon whom pain has been inflicted, my prayers go out to all of us.

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Before the Rebirth, Margaret Mair, original art Before the Rebirth, Margaret Mair, original art

The darkness is not complete
The water does not engulf
The waiting body
Curled fetus-like
Around the heart
Of its matter.
It will rise again,
Pressing down
Against those strong feet
Caressing the ground,
Raising those
Protecting hands
From the lifting head;
Now it is
Gathering strength
As it waits
For the fog to part,
For the light to dawn,
For the water to recede,
For the ground to become
Solid again.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

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