She of the Water, He of the Land

Painting, A Beach Story, M. Mair

A Beach Story, Margaret Mair, original art

A creature of the water, she,
Caught poised
On the edge of
A deep dive
Through that turbulence
Flinging itself foaming
Madly into the air
She breathes,
Body ready for that long transit
Into the quietness beyond,
Every nerve and sense
Responding to the call
Of those breaking waves
Beating their restless rhythm
Against the singing sand.

A child of the land, he,
Anchored in the warmth
Of that sun-warmed beach
Holding him safe
Against the reaching foam
At the tumbling edges
Of the always agitated sea,
Warily watching
The unceasing movement,
Ready any moment
To slip back toward
The comforting heaviness
Of earth and rock
Away from the insubstantial
Silky sliding sand.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair


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