Let the Light In

Painting, Let the Light In, M. Mair

Let the Light In, Margaret Mair, original art

Down the tunnels of time
From places not ours
The heart’s deep cry
For comfort and shelter
Comes echoing:
From the wildness of vast forests,
From the fall of tumbling cliffs,
From the wideness of river plains,
From the tide-change of seashores;
And willy-nilly we respond.
Hopeful eyes seek
Shadowed entrances to hidden caves,
Search out
Barely-seen rims of disguised hollows;
Hopeful hands create
A moulding of mud,
A shaping of clay,
A piling of logs,
A stacking of bricks,
An assemblage of stone,
A weaving of skin
To stretch over
A bowed skeleton.
A soft fold here,
An opening slit there,
A curtain for hiding,
A window for seeing,
A door for coming,
And going,
And shutting,
And barring,
A chimney for draughting:
We let a breath of air in,
Waft a wisp of smoke out,
Welcome a ray of sunlight,
Banish a rime of frost,
Shelter from a noisy storm,
Open to a friendly soul,
Shut out the fearful dark.
And when we are
Long gone then
Floors crack and walls crumble,
Windows break and doors rest open;
Seeds find root in drifted dirt,
Birds create nests and animals shelter
Where once we did,
And each day’s sunrise
Sends bright fingers through
The openings that
Let the light creep in.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

4 responses to “Let the Light In

  1. A powerful and thought-provoking poem, Margaret.

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