Reaching for the Sky

Picture, Reaching for the Sky

Reaching for the Sky, Margaret Mair, original art

Let us contemplate
The trees:
How their branches
Lift like loving arms
Yearning for the sky,
While their earth-sunk
Wide-spread roots
Hold them where they are;
How they live
At peace together,
Captured in their
Time and space;
How they grow
So close together
Remove one and others fall.
We gaze upon the forest
Trees growing intertwined;
Can we see ourselves
Our own tight woven forest,
Each holding up the other
As all reach
Toward the sun?

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair

2 responses to “Reaching for the Sky

  1. A tight woven forest indeed we are. Thanks for this lovely verse and fascinating picture. The grey tree is no linear thinker.

    • No linear thinker, but still it stands with the others… I’m so glad you found resonance in my painting and words, Sarah.

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