The Real Price of Oil

Picture, Real Price of OIl

The (Real) Price of Oil, Margaret Mair, original art

Oil spill.
The reeking oil flows
With and underneath
The streaky waves,
Poison in the water.
Fish flee the creeping
Viscous tentacles;
Place-bound shellfish
Take in the poison
They cannot escape;
Birds that once
Danced and wove above
The moving water
Or rested quiet
In its embrace
Lie dying on the shore;
An otter’s curled body
Lies, fur grease-clotted, on
The oil-stained beach;
The stink of dead fish
Caught hapless in the shallows
Mingles with the gut turning
Chemical stench of oil;
The marshes at the beaches edge
Turn brown and fill
With death;
The dolphins and whales
Surface to catch
A breath of air and
Inhale noxious fumes.
The incoming oil flows
With and underneath
The slick-calmed waves,
Poisons and smothers
The plants that
Feed the tiny creatures
And the shellfish
And the small finned fish
That once grazed here,
That feed the birds
That once flew here
And the sea otters
That once swam here
And the bigger fish
That once visited here,
That were consumed by
The browsing whales
And the leaping dolphins
And far-away you.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair


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