Hope in Hard Times

Painting, Hope, M. Mair

Hope (for Haiti), Margaret Mair, original art

Hope must be everlasting
When hands you hold
Do not always pull you
Up to safety,
Sometimes push you
Down to hell;
Hope must be everlasting
When help comes slow
And the world proves deaf
To your life’s stories,
No matter how
Loud you scream;
Hope must be everlasting
When they come all
Ignorant of your richness
To make you over
In their image.
So wear your crown
Of ruined walls
And cover your face
With the dust of
Broken blocks,
Hold fast to the small greenness
That pushes through your
Cracked dry earth,
Hold strong to each one
And to all the good that
You use to create
And re-create your life;
These things are always yours
To have and to build with;
Hard, scarred, strong hands
Working through the hot hours
In the long days
After the saviours
Have taken their words
And packed up their tools
And gone
To the comfort
Of their homes.

Written by Margaret Mair
Painting, original art by Margaret Mair


2 responses to “Hope in Hard Times

  1. Profound and powerful, Margaret. Your talents are remarkable.

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